V&A Advocaten seeks to offer high-quality services and attaches great importance to the satisfaction of its clients. Our office will do everything it can to offer you the best possible service. Nevertheless, it could happen that you are dissatisfied with a certain aspect of our service. Below we describe what you can do. In accordance with the procedure as described below, we will process your complaint and do everything we can to resolve your complaint within a reasonable time.

1. This complaints procedure applies to every client assignment between V&A Advocaten and the client.

2. If the client has a complaint about the conclusion and/or performance of an agreement, the quality of the service, or the amount of an invoice, which is not a complaint in the meaning of section 4 of the Counsel Act (Advocatenwet), the client can contact the complaints officer at V&A Advocaten: Mr C. Banis (LL.M.), Postbus 23465, 3001 KL Rotterdam (e-mail:

3. If the complaint concerns the actions of the lawyer who acts as the complaints officer, then the complaint may be sent to the deputy complaints officer: Mr M.B. Esseling (LL.M.), Postbus 23465, 3001 KL Rotterdam (e-mail:

4. A complaint will be handled with the greatest care and confidentiality.

5. The complaints officer will inform the person who is the subject of the complaint and will give the client/complainant and the subject of the complaint the opportunity to provide an explanation regarding the complaint, and will obtain the information needed to process the complaint properly.

6. If there is reason to suppose that the complaints procedure will take longer than one month, the complaints officer will inform the client/complainant. In that case the complaints officer will make the time limit known within which the client/complainant can expect a verdict on the complaint.

7. If the complaints officer, the complainant and/or the subject of complaint find it necessary or useful, a meeting can be arranged to discuss the complaint together. The complaints officer will then send an invitation to attend such a meeting.

8. The complaints officer will inform the client/complainant and the subject of the complaint in writing, stating reasons, of the verdict regarding the validity of the complaint.

9. The client/complainant does not have to pay any costs for the processing of the complaint.

10. If the complaint has not been resolved after the internal complaints procedure, V&A Advocaten can submit the complaint within 12 months after the written verdict to the Conciliation Board of the Legal Profession (Geschillencommissie Advocatuur) in accordance with the Regulations of that Board. The Regulations of the Conciliation Board of the Legal Profession may be viewed on the Board’s website or requested from the following address: Postbus 90600, 2509 LP Den Haag, the Netherlands.

11. The client/complainant may also submit the complaint to the courts.

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